Sloan Copeland
Director, Writer, Producer, Editor



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Life Hack  (2017 Feature) - 11 Awards (and counting...)

including  Audience Choice Best Feature at San Diego Int'l Film Festival, Best Film at Def Con and Best Screenplay at Brooklyn Film Festival.

Wet Behind The Ears  (2013 Feature) - 17 Awards.
Best Director, Best Picture, Audience Award...

Sloan Copeland is a multi-award winning feature film director, writer, editor and producer born and raised in New York City. Sloan's movie making career began while attending Lehigh University where his focus shifted from music production to film. He founded Self Conscious Entertainment in 2001 and has grown the production group into a highly creative, reputable company. In 2004, he wrote, directed, produced, edited and scored the multiple award winning romantic comedy, "unREAL." Sloan followed his feature debut with the psychological thriller "SYNAPSE," released in 2007. He has supported production for various independent films including "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints" and "Beautiful Ohio." Other notable credits include the web series "IN THE NOW" and the hit cable tv show "FROM DATE TO MATE." Sloan's latest feature film, "WET BEHIND THE EARS," was overwhelmingly well received by critics and audiences alike, resulting in its taking home 17 film festival awards. His much anticipated next feature, "LIFE HACK," is set to be released later this year.